pet insurance is not worth it, is there for emergency

Is Pet Insurance Worth It? How Much?

Should I have pet insurance on my new little puppy or kitten or perhaps my new rescue the answer is you know you’ve got it gotta decide, but what is pet insurance worth it?, what you want out of it a lot of times pet insurance is there for emergency.

Only a lot of people don’t realize that if a dog you know rips the cruciate ligaments it’s up to $5,000 to fix that problem overnight in emergency clinic easily adds up to $1,000 very quickly, so if you don’t aren’t able to have kind of an ethic of $5,000 for emergency fund for your pet.

I would recommend pet insurance, there’s so many different varieties out there that cover just real emergencies that can be on the less expensive side between like twenty and thirty dollars a month to kind of the mid-range that’ll cover a bit more which you’re looking at fifty to seventy dollars a month depending on the age of your pet, do you think is pet insurance worth it?

So it’s really important to look into the options and don’t wait till your pet has a pre-existing problem that’s what I say people are like oh can I get it now and it’s just like any insurance we get if you don’t get it before the problem happens it won’t cover it so keep in mind what your savings account is for pet emergencies and what the best best fit is for your family.

Pet insurance is a billion-dollar industry depending on your pet you could easily spend on average 300 to 700 dollars a year on insurance alone one thing’s for sure the earlier you insure your pet the cheaper don’t beat but the question is; is it even worth it like any insurance policy it depends your monthly premium is based on the aged breed species and even the location of your pet a Golden Retriever in Toronto will cost you less insurance compared to a chihuahua and Winnipeg you have to find out all the details of each policy and find out exactly what you’re covered for.

For example one policy might charge you $70 a month as progressive and give you a coverage up to eight thousand dollars but it may come with a deductible of 20%. Now let’s say your pet has an accident that costs $5,000 you’ll still pay $1000 out-of-pocket plus the monthly premiums, that example is pet insurance worth it for a dog?,  pet insurance doesn’t cover any known issues with your breed in or does it cover regular check-ups keep cleaning and vaccinations this could easily cost you a few hundred dollars or even thousands of dollars every year there are all-inclusive policies out there but your monthly premiums could cost you

Well over a hundred dollars a month and it still won’t cover any known issues now instead of getting pet insurance you could set up a pet emergency fund by putting aside a hundred dollars a month, so it’s pet insurance worth it in most cases probably not it’s a better value to set up a pet ency fund that being said if pet insurance gives you.

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