car insurance for young driver under £2000

2 Tips Getting Car Insurance Under £2000 For Young Drivers

Hey guys today I’m going to make a new post, I am in the middle of nowhere again with my idea and thinking how to get car insurance under £2000 for young drivers, I shouldn’t have done that in blog todays, I’m going to be doing a write on my car insurance and how to get your insurance down so I did a quo without all of these tips it came to 1200 then I did a quote including all these tips and it came down to 970 which is my current insurance on the same insurance company.

So just by filling out it differently you can save two hundred-pound and that is two hundred-pound you could put towards like McDonald’s chicken nuggets I mean come on but yeah guys let me quickly talk about how much I pay for my insurance and what I’ve what kind of insurance I’ve got so I’ve got black box

Insurance which is basically I’ll go into more detail in that later I’ll just sit in my car and I’ll tell you guys all the tips in just a sec but yeah I currently pay nine hundred and seventy pounds for my insurance and I paid monthly pay 69 pound a month we had to put my mom did actually put the deposit down for like four hundred or something.

I’m not sure I think guys let’s hop in the car because it is absolutely but shit that didn’t okay no guys this isn’t gonna be the most entertaining blog, I’ve ever done there’s gonna be me talking about insurance which is the most boring whatever, if you’re not actually interested in please don’t read because I don’t want to bore you, but yeah that’s the first time I’m gonna say don’t read this blog so fair enough so without further due guys let me actually get straight into this and let me get into the first tips of this blog.

First tip that I would say to use is use multiple comparison sites such as go compare compare the meerkat and as well as using that use actual websites for the insurance so for example I’m with more than look at the more than site for an individual price then go to the compare compare sites because you never know what’s gonna be cheaper see ya for example when I used a comparison site when I do I used compare the market first and basically I got a quote the cheapest insurance quote.

I got car insurance under £2000 then I went to go compare which is a different one it went down to 970 something so first it would just be look at everything do your research check out all the different insurance companies.

Second tip I would give to you guys is look for cheap cars to insure because you know what it’s all nice getting a fancy Mercedes a-class for your first car but once you look at the f**cking insurance boom, five f**king grand I did a quote for myself it costs five grand to insure but yeah guys they’re a whole list of the cheapest cars to insure online literally link in description but yeah just type in cheapest cars to insure UK 2018 and it should give you cars that cheap to insure now my third tip is probably the most easiest easiest and I don’t particularly know why this is but add a more experienced driver to your policy

So when when it says add additional drivers add your mum your guardian so what I did is I put my mum who’s been driving for 17 years on insurance and that when my insurance went down from 1200 to 900 literally saved me like two, three hundred pounds just by doing that simple thing because you know what I mean, I mean to be honest, now your mum can now my mom can drive my car wherever she wants oh she can so get somebody who’s experienced put them on your policy and plan saved money now the next tip for you guys isn’t even a tip really is look into black box insurance, because if you’re not planning on speeding absolutely everywhere going around corners at 60 miles per hour then go for the black box because Jen you like I’m gonna do a video on the black box but not gonna lie.

I’ve had the black box now for like two weeks it doesn’t work so I have an engineer coming in coming to fix it because quite frankly it’s not working so I can’t really speak about the black box I don’t really have an experience with it so I mean it brings it down a f*ck ton this car without a black box would have cost me 1,600 pound for insurance compared to nine hundred pound nine hundred seventy pounds with a black box which like I’m not a fast driver.

so I wouldn’t even care if you guys don’t know what black boxes black box basically measures how fast you drive in what time to drive in how hard you’re breaking and the last tip for you guys is to save a little bit extra money this isn’t for everybody but try and pay out right I don’t current I don’t pay out right, because I’m I don’t see a problem with paying monthly paying it outright is gonna like eliminate all the interest on it I don’t know to be honest plus you can get it out of the way and yeah.

alright then guys so unfortunately that is the end of this post hopefully this has helped you in some way if you guys find car insurance under £2000 for young drivers.

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